Single colour neon flex led by Atom

ATOM LED neon flex is 8 X 16mm Flexible IP67 Waterproof Dimmable Double Sided Neon LED Strip Light 220 – 240V 9W/m. It has a translucent high quality silicone cover that offers uniform light and performs better than the standard Strip lights with visible individual LED Chips. Because it’s so flexible, its installation is simple and doesn’t require any specific tools, allowing it to adapted it to all sorts of corners, logos, signs, etc. The Waterproof feature of the Light makes it ideal for Indoor and Outdoor use.

Silicone cover has a high quality finish that offers a longer life than standard PVC covers. You can rest assured that the Silicone cover will last longer and not discolour like PVC covers.

For more information please contact us at info@atomlighting.co.uk