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LED Neon Flex 360°

atom lighting led neon flex light 360 degree
atom lighting ip67 neon flex

Based on LED light strips, with new diffusion materials, structural optimisation, choose high-quality SMD light source , replace the traditional glass neon market. Built-in FPCB flexible circuit board, 0.2W high brightness 2835 light source, made by optical and other principles. Soft, easy to bend shape, suitable for -30 + 60 degrees environment use.

Part NO: NFS0015
Product name: Neon Strip 360
Input Voltage: 12V, 220V-240V
LEDs 2835, 5050
Size: 16mm, 15mm
Color: Single Color, RGB
Cover Material: Silicon
Max power : 9.6W/M
Packaging: 50M,100M
Cut: 1M per cut
IP Grade: IP65
Operating temperature: -25℃ to +60℃
LM >500
CRI >80
atom lighting led neon flex 360

The luminous surface of the tube body is uniform, soft and not hot. Widely used in buildings, bridges, parks and other indoor and outdoor lighting.

Screenshot 2019-11-03 at 23.44.30

Install on Aluminum profile channel

how to install led neon flex strip light - atom lighting

LED Neon Flex light installation on bracket

how to install led neon flex light -

Available Colours


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